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Bubble bag bubble film manufacturer

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Crown Gold-The packaging expert around you. Our company can provide customized services for all kinds of packaging materials. Choose Crown Gold to customize a variety of bubble bags for you. The production of packaging bags involves electronics, electrical appliances, logistics, e-commerce and other fields.

Custom instructions :
First, please provide accurate customized data, such as length, width, thickness and other data.
Second, as a manufacturer, we will treat each of our orders carefully and try to make every buyer satisfied.
3. We can make a tailor-made for you free of charge. If the user has special requirements, they can design and manufacture for you.
Fourth, the delivery cycle: need to make plates, it takes about 7-20 working days (specific time for details)
5. Regardless of whether it is a new or old customer, a domestic customer or a foreign customer, whether the quantity set is more or less, we will treat it with integrity, enthusiasm, and rigor, and protect the punctuality, quality, and quantity of the contract. Terms, and provide customers with value-added services.

Our product requirements and controls are extremely strict. All products are subject to three quality inspections by procurement, QC and warehouse management personnel before shipment to ensure that the products delivered to you are qualified products. If the products we produce have various problems during use, we are responsible for patiently solving them. If the product fails, we can re-apply it accordingly.

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Twelve years focused on plastic flexible packaging service providers

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