Guanjin Industry [Shenzhen Bubble Bag Manufacturer] specializing in the production of various bubble bags, bubble rolls, welcome traders, customers to inquire, free proofing, fast delivery

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Bubble bag bubble film manufacturer

Committed to building a leader in packaging materials

Bubble bag / bubble roll / pearl cotton / factory direct sale / same day delivery

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Factory Address Building 7, Second Industrial Zone, No. 18 Guangming Road, Shiyan, Baoan District, Shenzhen

E-mail Email: szqhbz@163.com
Enterprise QQ: 857129442

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    Company plant

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Copyright: Shenzhen Guanjin Industrial Co., Ltd. 粤 ICP 备 17038952 号 Guanjin Packaging specializes in the production of custom bubble bags , LED fluorescent tube PE bags, single-sided, anti-static bubble bags , 5MM, shielding bags, pearl cotton bags , thick , Printing, bubble roll , bubble film, plastic bags, packaging materials, etc.

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